joshua stan


It all started...

Long ago, though none are quite sure of the details. While some say he was born in an icy igloo on the Canadian tundra, and raised by polar bears until discovered by hunters, others say they were wolves and it was not an igloo on the tundra, but a little house on the prairies. What is known is that Joshua-Stan “The Ramblin’ Man” spent time in childhood rambling around outside of Toronto until relocating to Dallas at 19. The most widely accepted story is that Joshua-Stan picked first up a guitar on a ramble when he was 14; it was a particularly harsh winter storm that had caused him to take refuge in the cave where he found his first guitar. As the storm raged on outside, Joshua-Stan started to play, and to this day he has continued to play, long after the storm and far away from that cave. 

Though few would claim to know the specifics it seems as though Joshua-Stan trained in the school of blues & rock, and only began to develop his signature ‘flamenco-blues’ style of guitar after returning from a ramble in South America.  Over the years there have been confirmed sightings of The Ramblin’ Man worldwide, from North & South America to Europe and even the Indian subcontinent. Joshua-Stan first appeared alongside Bass Junkies in their single “We Don’t talk anymore (C.P. Remix)”, and officially joined the team shortly thereafter as Producer and Guitarist. With his diverse range of influences, Joshua-Stan adds a unique musical flavor into the mix.